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About Us

Our Story 


                           Ibrahim CEVAHIR

Our Founder and Honorary President

1933 Trabzon - September 22, 2015 Istanbul

The company started its businesses in the construction sector by the founder and the present chairman Ibrahim Cevahir. With the vision of growth by development, development by growth, the Cevahir Limited Partnership was formed in 1967. As a group company, construction and contracting activities were exhibited in various developments and infrastructure areas such as schools, hospitals, water & sewerage networks, and bridges. Project obligations have been successfully completed and the company has gained national confidence and international reputation. Thanks to gained success, the Libya Construction and Trade Consortium was established in 1975 and the company expanded abroad. After the success of the Company in Libya in 1978, Cevahirler İnşaat ve Taahhüt Limited company was established to start construction and contracting works in Saudi Arabia which led to many successful projects.


With the accumulated experience of the company, work completion ability and with its wide capacity, it started to finance and develop its own projects in 1990. In addition to mainly tourism-oriented project developments, the company continued to prove their success in new sectors. It started to operate in the fields of tourism and hotel management with the 'The Plaza Hotel', which was an investment completed in 1995. Apart from these, the company has taken its place in the service sector with its commercial and office investments, and in the mining sector with its investment in perlite production facility. It has become one of the leading companies in Turkey with worldwide recognition by realizing all phases of a project including operations and marketing. With our mission aiming to break new grounds, we have successfully completed many firsts as a company, from the biggest shopping and indoor entertainment center of its time in Europe, to the largest ballroom and convention hotel in Turkey, and the highest towers in Macedonia. With a total construction area of ​​280,000 square meters, our investment in Macedonia has become the the largest private sector investment from Turkey in the Balkan region.


Cevahir is an exemplary company above world standards who is reliable, up to date and brave. In its project designs Cevahir aims to be in accordance with the spirit of the location and continue its activities by putting people at the center of its business.

Executive Board


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